We provide project management, systems engineering, VOIP support, programming, and consulting to a stable of international clients.


With over a decade of VOIP experience we can advise your company how to deploy, manage, and grow your telephony services by engineering solutions to deliver optimum performance.


We provide dependable hosting for your websites and email. We support a variety of platforms including PHP, WordPress, ColdFusion, mySQL, and Bootstrap.


We specialize in clean, crisp, clear, easy-to-use web sites and mobile apps. We specialize in WordPress, PHP, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, iOS, and Android.
About InfoRailway


InfoRailway has been helping businesses optimize operations since 2009. We are dedicated to providing you with proven consulting advice, telecom management, web design, and hosting.  We suggest and implement services with straight talk, not technological jargon. We will make sure you understand your options and that we understand your expectations.


Jim Hudson

InfoRailway Founder

I founded InfoRailway in 2009 to offer my clients the expertise and reliability found at national companies combined with a small town sense of customer service.  I enjoy helping businesses optimize communication and data through the intelligent use of technology.

When I am not working, I spend my time in Florida being a husband, father, historian, genealogist, part-owner of the Green Bay Packers, fan of Doctor Who and Star Trek, admirer of railroads, avid reader, gadget geek, lover of travel, Anglophile, would-be author, and appreciator of movies and music.



“We really appreciate all your hard work on the website… we are getting many compliments, and it is showing up at the forefront of Internet searches.”

-Sam Rehm, Devotion 2 Ocean

“Excellent Service”

-Avalon Medical Center

“Excellent service, reasonable monthly rate, easy to get hold of and to work with.”

-Marvel Agency

“Personal help, easy access.”

-Jerome Lacorte